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The Original Puzzle Exchange

Puzzle Exchange

Choose Your Plan

Simple Plan

From: $25.00 / month


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1 Puzzle Each Month.

Great for the casual Puzzle lover.


This plan offers one puzzle per month.

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Bonus Plan

From: $30.00 / month


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2 Puzzles Each Month.

3 Bonus Puzzles a Year – Puzzles Ship Together.


This plan ships 2 puzzles per month with 3 bonus puzzles in the winter (or summer if you prefer).

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Travel Plan – Puzzle Packs

From: $12.00 every 2 months and a $23.00 sign-up fee


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4 Puzzles Per Pack – $35 per pack ($12 +$23)

Rental fee of $3 per puzzle if not returned in 8 weeks.

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This is a great plan for travelers. Get 4 puzzles delivered to the post office nearest you. Then complete the puzzles and return them. Order your next Puzzle Pack when you drop your last one in the mail. A small rental fee of $3 per puzzle will be charged if not returned within 8 weeks.

Puzzles as low as $8.00 / per puzzle.

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Number of Packs

1 Pack, 3 Pack, 6 Pack, 12 Pack

What is the Puzzle Exchange?

It is a revolutionary new way for puzzle lovers to enjoy an endless supply of puzzles.

Pick your favorite image or brand, or try one of our original Missing Piece puzzles.

The puzzles are shipped to your door. After the puzzle is complete, use the return label to easily return it. Then wait for your next one to arrive.

Each puzzle is counted and sterilized between use.

How Does It Work?

Choose your Membership Plan

Get the Puzzle of your choice mailed to your home.

When you're done, mail it back with the included label.

Then wait for your next new Puzzle to arrive.

  • Simple Plan = 1 Puzzle / month.  Great for the casual Puzzle lover.
  • Bonus Plan = 2 Puzzles / month.  Ships together and get 3 bonus Puzzles a year.
  • Value Plan = 3 Puzzles / month.  Ships together and is the best value, as low as $10.55 per puzzle.

Common Questions

How does the billing work?

Your credit card or debit card is charged monthly until canceled.

What day of the month will you charge my card?
How do I cancel?
Can I switch between plans?

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I lose a piece to the puzzle?

We understand that an occasional piece may be lost, but I know MOST puzzlers do not want to lose pieces!  If you try hard to find the missing piece and you can’t find it, we understand. Send the puzzle back without the piece. However, if you consistently send puzzles back with missing pieces (3 in row), your subscription will be canceled.  We will also suspend your account if 3 or more pieces are missing in one occurrence.

What if I spill something or damage the puzzle?
How do I cancel my subscription?
What if I have puzzles I want to donate or sell to the exchange?
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