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The Original Puzzle Exchange

About Us

I started Missing Piece because I have always loved puzzles.  I wanted to take my passion and create something special.  The first way I wanted to improve the puzzle industry is through my Puzzle Exchange.  Many puzzle lovers, including myself, have closets full of puzzles that are only done once.  They sit collecting dust, eventually ending up in landfills.  It seemed like a waste of space and resources.  Hence, the Puzzle Exchange was born.  This way, puzzle lovers can have access to 1000’s of puzzles without having to store them.  Members can do rare puzzles, antique puzzles, their favorite images, and favorite brands all in one place.  This is also a way to preserve and circulate puzzles that otherwise might have never been seen again.

The next area I wanted to improve were the images.   It is important to me to bring new energy and creativity to puzzles.  To accomplish this goal, I want to search out interesting art and bring it to the puzzle world.  The amount of art is endless and my goal is to help the artist, while at the same time creating interesting puzzles.

Lastly, I created a puzzle cover.  This idea was born from a simple need to use my table for other things and stop my cats from playing with my puzzle pieces.   Every day I was covering up my puzzle to protect it from those mischievous paws and to create a place to have dinner.  The puzzle covers solve both problems and it protects your puzzle from food, wine and other pets.

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