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The Original Puzzle Exchange

How Does the Puzzle Exchange Work?

1. Choose your Membership Plan

2. Get the Puzzle of your choice mailed to your home.

3. When you're done, mail it back with the included label.

4. Then wait for your next new Puzzle to arrive.

More About Us

Who Are We?

We are a couple of regular people that were tired of the office rat race. We wanted to do something that would be more fun and rewarding. Puzzles are a hobby that we love and a subject that everybody likes talking about.

Once we started looking at the industry, we concluded that nothing has changed in years. Many people like to do puzzles, but they sit in their closets and basements taking up space. For example, I had 50 puzzles collecting dust.  Why not change things up? Hence, Missing Piece was created.

How Does Missing Piece Work?
What Makes Us Unique?
What if I don't want a Membership?
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